For International expecting & postpartum  mom & Family.

Thank you very much for your interest in our service.


We are  the professional  small company for the postpartum support service in Tokyo.


We have some the postpartum nurses & midwives, can help you at 9-18 on from  Monday to Friday  on  your house or somewhere.


We can take you these advices protecting  your doctor's & nurse's instruction. 

  1. How to ready your baby goods before & after your baby birth.  
  2. How to use public health service.
  3. How to care of your baby.
  4. How to give your breast or formular milk  to your baby.
  5. How to use some milking machine.
  6. How to taking bath your baby.

etc ・・・.


And we can help you house keeping  and baby caring  after discharge of your hospital too.  


We don't  have the English contract, then you have to understand the Japanese our contract paper.

・We can't take you some medical & nursing care that need of your doctors instruction. 

There are some price lists for you. 


And please kindly note that our staffs are not professional in speaking English and therefore we appreciate if we could communicate with you using body languages, dictionaries and other tools.


We are very  afraid but  there might be a situation that we are not able to help you if your requests and conditions are too complicated for us to provide our usual service. 


We thank you for your interest and understanding.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.  



Imacoco team.